The Huddle, Sleepy Hollow, NY

” The people,the regulars,the ones who come to a bar tender for advice, we are known to have many roles and the typical question is “how are you”, my response is always “can’t complain no one listens” but what I have grown to find in this industry is that the regulars really do actually listen. I’ve gone through my ups and downs and the true “regular” is actually the one who shows up not just for a beer and a shot but to say “how are you?” And really mean it. My end to a week of grinding away serving drinks and being in the weeds end on a Sunday double at the huddle for industry night. Instead of your typical busy night with people waving their money at me to try and get my attention I have the true good customers, those that wait patiently to get their order in after going through the same tiring week of being deep in the weeds and wanting to kill people. So to the “regulars” I cheers you with a delicious beer or a shot you are the ones I love for really asking “how are you?” You make the passion of this job worth while. ”



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