Molly Spillane's, Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York

” I got started 484 years ago.. it was 1998. Don’t do the math. I was 19 about.. got home from school and didn’t wanna go back so I took a job at an internet company in Croton.. eventually I wanted more money. I was drinking at this bar for a few years.. fuck it why not.. again don’t do the math. I ask them to teach me how to bartend and they took me under their wing. I started on a Friday night.. I get on and there are no other bartenders.. it was a very popular bar in Mohegan Lake.. Uncorked was the name. The owner was at the end of the bar kind of coaching me.. he told me, “Half of the drinks are beers.. and with the other half of the drinks.. the ingredients are in the name.. oh and here’s a book of cocktails.”. First fucking guy asks for a, “Cuba Libre”. I panicked, go over to my boss and he just laughs.. “Rum and coke with a lime” he tells me. I worked the night and made it through in once piece.. I was able to make it work. Starting off I got all the shitty shifts of course, Monday night, Wednesday days etc etc. The bar had TVs, pinball machines.. it was a pretty cool place to hangout. I didn’t mind just being there as we had fun things to do. Back in the day you can smoke in the bars but for some reason I stepped out to go smoke.. its like 1am and it was a really nice night out. Halfway through my cigarette I see a car driving and suddenly come to a stop in the middle of the road.. he throws it in reverse and askes if we’re open. I tell them to come on in.. we ended up having a good time, a few shots etc. They asked if I was gonna be open this late usually.. they were heading to Peekskill so I saved them the trip. They said they were coming back next week.. and they did.. with more friends. I built that night.. I created the most ridiculous week day night crowd in the area. Usually the other bars closed early but I was always the late guy. I was able to triple the ring by just.. staying open late. So a big lesson I learned early on was never underestimate the ..The importance of giving the guests that late night drink and staying until the end of the night. It can turn your entire night on a weekly basis.”

Molly Spillane’s, Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York


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