Sungod, The Black Bear Series

“I used to work Tuesday nights.. what can I say? Screeching hyenas on in Black Bear singing karaoke and wannabe, “big ballers” ordering $2 tequila shots on the other(Wicked Wolf/Copper Face Jacks). The night was going smoothly until I saw Tim, another bouncer, run into Black Bear. Apparently, a fight had broken out because a certain someone couldn’t handle their drinks. They removed this asshole and all I had to do was walk him off of the property. Out of left field, he decides to yell, “I have a gun!, and reach for his waistband. My quick reaction resulted in me driving him through our neighbor’s window.. the Sam Ashe next door. He cried like a little bitch, pleading for me to let him go. I told him we were waiting for the cops because he was going to jail and was also paying for that window. I hope he learned his lesson. We had to put a band-aid fix on the window.. it was the right thing to do.”


The Black Bear Series 3/7

What happens when you yell that you have a gun. You get put through a goddamn window.