Bar Q, Stamford, Connecticut

“So I get a call to go to the upstairs bar at Bar Q.. that kid was trying to jump over and steal a bottle of liquor.. when I get to the top I grab him from behind and begin escorting him out. We’re about to go downstairs and he starts putting up a fight so I tell him, “I can either throw you down these stairs or you can walk down with me.” NOT TO MENTION.. he was the typical entitled, “Do you know who my father is?” type of kid.. Pink shorts.. button down the whole nine. So he chooses to go down on his own with me and when I get him towards the door he starts to put up a fight. I give him a good push out the door.. turns out I pushed him hard enough and he loses his shoe. When I get outside he’s yelling about it, “I need my shoe.. go get it.. it’s a $500 dollar Yeezy shoe.” RIGHT THERE I knew what I was gonna do.. I go back in.. get the shoe. I go back outside and say, “Well here’s your shoe..” I lean back.. I throw it as hard and as far as I can.. it goes three stories up in a parking garage across the road… and with the biggest look of disappointment he hobbles towards the parking garage.. one shoe on one shoe off. Win. .”


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