Northern Soul, Hoboken, New Jersey

“So, I worked with a guy named Terry who was from Northern Ireland when I moved over here first. He was like a big brother as I was out here on my own and is the one who hot me into boxing. (he would drink a shoulder of powers before a fight and had the three swallows tattooed on his arm!) One of the nicest guys you’d ever meet but he grew up in a town that was in the thick of the troubles, he had British soldiers put the barrel of a gun in his mouth and was the type who wouldn’t back down from a scrap! One-night A group of about 15 English guys (nice bunch of guys for the most part!) came into the bar. They were in New York on a bachelor’s party. One guy gave us $200 bucks to start a cash tab… the guys carry on and they started getting a little boisterous at one point. Terry asked me to take care of them, so I took the lead. At one point they buy a round of sambuca shots… I tell them, “Come on Lads… do me a favor like… DON’T light them on fire.”. Of course, my man lights them anyway… there was spillage to the shots so the bar top, lit up. These guys tried to help by getting napkins to put it out but just ended with sticky flaming napkins getting tossed in the air! We put out the fire and avoid a much bigger situation thank god. After the round of shots their cash runs out… I get to the head of the party and he gives us an extra $200 to keep it goin’. After this situation, and in coincidental timing, Terry is around the bar telling a couple of the guys to just calm it down. This one huge guy… rugby player looking guy says, “Why don’t you shut the fuck up Paddy!?’. As soon as I heard the words come out I was like “that’s not good!” That was it. Terry grabs the hammer and starts chasing these guys out the door. It only ever the two of us so we had to serve as the bouncing staff too, and hence why I decided to join him in the boxing gym because it got hairy frequently. But that’s nothing compared to the guy who drove a stolen petrol doused car through the front of the club in Dublin because we refused him entry!”


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