The Ice Queen, Duffy, The Black Bear Series


” Where do I begin? Well I’m pretty sure I officially got hired because I did a Superman dive off the bar and I landed on my face back in 2014. Could’ve also been because they thought I was Irish. Funny thing is I’m barely Irish. Black Bear was great money combined with a cool atmosphere. After a while the whole “ice queen” side of me started to come out. Those who were just nasty, rude, and just never understood how bars work got it bad from me. I had people throwing drinks at me, arguments and the infamous slutty girls dancing on the bar. The “happy hour/open bar” wristbands were the thing that I hated the most.. shit tippers and often just crappy people. Anyways, people don’t know what “gratuity” is, and think we got a pay check at the end of the week… let me tell you, that isn’t the case. Ever! I remember this group of girls claimed they have a free happy hour. They said, “Oh, I know the owner…” By the way, it doesn’t work to just know the owner. So, I obviously rejected them from getting any free or discounted drinks. Not surprisingly, it ended with an altercation. They tried to come behind the bar to get in my face, so I kicked them out. Whatever. It turns out they did know a owner and this particular person decided to let them back in, disregarding anything that happened previously. Note to any management, take your bartenders side. There was so much bullshit, but I loved the place itself since I met some of the most amazing people in my life from working there, whether they were coworkers, or regulars. I mean, Jesus Christ they made it so much easier to be there. My team was dope as fuck, from the bartenders to my bouncers, we became a family, and always had each others backs. I met the love of my life, and best friends that I’ll cherish forever. Still super close with a lot of them, which was probably the only good thing out of that place. My journey ended there when we got a text saying we’re closed, May 3rd 2017, which was the worst timing ever! The place was a shit show, but I am grateful for the experience and as sad as everyone was when it closed, it was a blessing.”


The Black Bear Series 2/7