The Birch, White Plains

“So I originally wanted to work restaurants just for the money so a buddy put in a good word with his boss to get me into a corporate restaurant. Turns out he got fired before he could do that, and I just happened to get the job cause the hiring manager liked me. I started off as bus boy & host. Server in less than 6 months. I eventually left that job because management didn’t think I was bartender material. I eventually worked in different corporate restaurant and became a bartender just to go BACK to my original job and eventually become one of their best bartenders.Somewhere down the line I just fell in love with the industry, the friends who became family, the madness of it all, the cursing and screaming in the kitchen, and then 10 seconds later being the friendliest mother fucker you’ll ever meet. I found what I thought was love, had my heart broken just to work the longest shift I’ve done to date, 17 hours, on the same day. I now have management experience under my belt and have been through a bit of the ringer.. I’ve done most every position in a bar/restaurant.There’s honestly nothing I would trade for the feeling you get coming into a shift and potentially making someone’s day.. from possibly preventing someone from making a stupid decision.. to encouraging your friends to make some stupid decisions (like Jameson) and getting to hear everyone’s story & background. You name it, I’ve done probably half of it.”

The Birch, White Plains, Westchester, New York


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