Justin Slutscobar, The Birch, O'Connors, White Plains, New York, Public House

‘I originally started bartending because it was quick and sufficient money. To my immediate family I’m some what of an anchor. I support my mother and sister who I live with and my father who decides to come in and out of my life.
In the beginning bartending was just a cool fun job but over time I developed a love for it because of the people. I tend bar at a newer bar that just opened up a few months ago. Working a bar you get close to your coworkers it’s kind of scary how tight knit we’ve become within just 2 months, they’re my family now. I love them.. even the higher ups and yadayadayada. It’s almost as if I’ve know these people my entire life.

My goal is to be in the entertainment/music industry and bartending is everything I could ask for when it comes to funding my dream and making these connections.”



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