Rudy's, Yonkers, New York

“June 6th I won’t forget that date. I wake up.. super pumped to see one of my favorite bands.. Ghost. I go to the gym in the morning.. get myself together, pick up my friend and we make our ways up to Albany. The thought of pregaming and drinking was totally in my mind but I thought.. “Nah fuck it.. we have a room for the night so ill just get wrecked when I make it up.. no reason to risk it.” We get close to the venue and the excitement continues you mount.. I’m fucking ready to do this! We make a left following GPS directions down some spooking lookin’, back water, kiss my cousin country road and BOOM. Out of nowhere my tiny ass blue Honda Fit gets T-Boned and fling out in the car as if it was a fucking matchbox. SUV vs hatchback.. SUV won.. totally. Everything happened so quickly.. I remember tumbling and everything spinning.. luckily enough the impact hit my side.. not my friends side. We ended up being found about 100 yards into an adjacent golf course. Broken fingers.. badly bruised left side.. and almost bit my tongue off.. but I’m alive.. no more car though (obviously) but I’m just glad everyone’s okay.So I was out of work for quite sometime and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my bills and such. Seeing Orthopedics and doing physical therapy is like having a fucking full time job! Luckily enough.. the management and ownership team got a donation fund going amongst the regulars to help me get by. Im still in pain and still see my damn Physical Therapist.. but this beats being buried. I got really lucky. Sucks I didn’t get to see Ghost though.. .”


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