Jason, Molly Spillanes, Eastchester, New York

“I’ve been doing security work since i was about 18 years old.. I am currently a 12 vet. I remember about 2013 i was working the door at a local bar for St.Patricks day parade. Paddys day around here is huge and that year was no different. Early afternoon there was some drunk young kid in a celtic jacket causing problems and just being an all around jackass in the bar. We remove him from the bar and he’s unfortunately being.. difficult. I stand back at my post, the door, and this drunk keeps trying to get me to allow him back in. No shot. I tell him to take a hike and he keeps staring at me while im checking ids. He squares up and swings on me. I see it out of the corner of my eye and pull the craziest matrix move in history. I pull away, he loses his balance and i grab him by the back of his coat and hurl him into the street barricades. Asshole keeps threatening me and says, “I’m from Long Island.. im gonna fuck you up!”. Welp.. that didn’t last for long.. before he could catch his balance he was swarmed by at least half a dozen officers.Don’t fuck with your bouncer.Oh and if you’re an amateur don’t day drink.”


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