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“My journey to sobriety started on April 23rd 2011 but through a series of unfortunate events. It was the night before Easter and I get ready to go into work but instead get called out. I end up at a bar in Harrison. At the time my relationship with my parents wasn’t the greatest.. and since it was right around Easter I wasn’t ready to quite deal with everything. I end up at a local townie pub and, before I even step foot in the bar, i have a beer waiting for me. All I wanted to do was watch the Yankees game before I start pounding beers.. guess not. So I am watching the game.. a few innings pass, I take about 2 sips of my beer and decide to go out for a smoke.. mid way through my cigarette a car pulls up and the person in the passenger seat looks familiar. “It can’t be her” I think to myself.. I go back inside decide to actually start drinking.. I take a shot and finish my beer. A few moments later.. who comes in? My ex. I knew it. She says hi to her dad and the bartender. Then comes over to me and makes cordial small talk.. she eventually throws in the casual, “Hey by the way.. I’m engaged.” With everything going on amongst my family and I.. now this.. fuck it. I get wrecked.. stupidly decide to drive and of course.. pulled over. I get a DWI and luckily I get it pushed down to a common law DWI. I get 3 years probation and have to do a drug and alcohol program just to get my license back. After failing drug tests and ditching the program my P.O. decides to make me wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. After 6 months I get that off and drink again. That goes til the end of summer.. I fail a drug test after labor day.. my P.O. decides to send me to rehab. I was sent to rehab for all of October.It isnt easy but its possible to stay sober. My life has gotten better since everything happened. I got dumped 2 yrs ago.. that is why I started coming back out to bars and clubs. I am able to go out to a bar and not drink which is a feat in and of itself.. My last drink was September 27th 2011.. I hit 4 years sober in a month.”


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