Jorge, Maison Pickle, NYC
“I’ve worked in all kinds of bars from cocktail bars, to pubs, to nightclubs. Working in a Irish pub was probably the hardest out of all of them, but also the most fun. Working in a place like that really makes you work because you know you are doing everything by yourself on most days. You’re the bartender, bouncer, manager, therapist, and server all at the same time. One day, I was having a conversation with the Executive Head Chef of a restaurant that I know, and he told me he never wears anything that says chef on it, he will only wear something with his first name. He told me he doesn’t believe in titles. I don’t really agree with him, but I don’t disagree. I think we should have levels that determine your skills. So, if you’re a first level bartender you should get paid that amount, when your skills improve, so does your pay. There are people that love what they do in the business. They put time and effort in what they do, so they should receive the correct pay for it… Credit where it’s due.”