Colum, Lazy Boy Saloon, White Plains

“So, on one late night, two ladies walked in and sat at the bar. I greet them and one of the ladies ask where I am from. Having an Irish accent, as I do I naturally, I tell her, “Venezuela”. We get a good laugh and she tells me she’s in town from San Francisco, just here visiting. The lady from San Fran also tells me that she is Irish and has family back home in Cork and Tipperary. They have a lot to drink and the night goes on. They end up becoming friendly with these two other gentlemen sitting at the bar, turns out they were pilots. Three hours later, the ladies decide to close out and the one woman I was funning around with handed me her card. It turns out that her last name was something along the lines of “Gorbachev”. I decided to fuck with her one last time before she goes. I hand her the card with her tab and say,

“Oh yeah? Your grandma is from Tipperary and you have this last name?”

She replies,

“She was Dunne.”

I quip,

“Yeah she was done by about 14 Russians.”

The two pilots just spat out their drinks laughing. Luckily, the ladies thought it was funny enough and I didn’t get a good slapping.”