Isabel, Herald Square, The Harold, NYC

” When I started here, I started off as a server, moved up to a bartender, and now I manage. Managing is a 24/7 job, but inspiring your staff is something I pride myself on. It can be difficult to manage different personalities effectively, what motivates one member of staff, may not be the best for another. You have to be mentally prepared with how you’re going manage the staff, project your positive energy on the team, and on the guests. Everyday is different in this industry.

However, I finally got the opportunity to work with someone well known in the industry, Matthew Kenney, a vegan plant based Chef who’s focus is on bringing the vegan cuisine to the next level, and his partner, Yves Jadot YJRG, who owns plenty of speakeasy bars in NY. I will be ending my stint here at The Harold, and will be part of the managing team at XYST plant based Mediterranean cuisine starting Monday. ”