Desnuda, WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City

“Why do I do this? Chaos.. I enjoy the chaos, some people can’t handle the pressure but I live in it. Whenever it’s dead quiet, or just slow paced, my coworkers and I go nuts. Taking tables, making drinks, greeting guests, doing dishes all at the same time is what I live for. Just rockin’ through the night. This is a much smaller establishment so for us to really make it work we need to all work together. I have zero issue with hopping over and cleaning dishes or whatever to make it work. Also I haven’t had to set an alarm to wake up to.. ever. I sleep at whatever time I please and wake up whatever time I please since the usual, “In”, time is much later than your, “regular”, job. It’s just so liberating.. Plus.. this is one of the few jobs where I can work and hangout with my buddies.. that is part of the job.. hanging out with guests. Even my girlfriend can come see me at work and spend some time with me which is huge. .”


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