Portchester, Connecticut

“The wildest stuff happens in the smaller bars. Local spots where people feel more at home . We had a spot where we would give away free drinks if girls took there bras off while standing on the bar and hang it from the ceiling. It got to the point where local girls would wear two bras out at night and willingly take one off , the girl bartenders would routinely sort through the hanging bras and toss the weakest ones because there was not enough space .
I had a customer have three “21st” birthday parties at the bar and every year I believed this was the year she was really of age.
We had a bunch of middle aged Egyptian men fight some local jocks and shoes were thrown just like the George Bush protest. Sometimes you are wiping away tears of laughter while breaking up fights.
Then there’s the kid who’s mother threatened to sue because her son had been maced outside and the whole time he stood sheepishly in the background knowing he brought it on himself by kicking a defenseless man in the face while he was grounded.
One night a kid picked up the wrong jacket and the situation escalated into being pistol whipped in an alleyway in the driving rain like some sort of comic book movie.
But then again I’ve been to weddings of people who met at those same bars and most of my best friends in this world were co workers or customers when we met. An old customer was demonstrating how himself and his wife had chosen titanium wedding rings as a symbol of the strength of their relationship and as he explained he would drop the ring on to the tiles and watch it bounce back, the ring split in two and the guy turned white as a sheet as he wondered how he was going to hide his hand from his wife until he could get the ring replaced .
It can be a rollercoaster but the money and the relationships are worth it.”



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