Melinda, The Black Bear Series

” Black Bear? Oh God.. one of the craziest experiences I had as a bartender. Everyday was a different shit show, ESPECIALLY Sundays. It was our Industry night, so we had a lot of other restaurant and bar staff come in to party… it was their Friday night. On this one particular Sunday, my coworker asked me to jump on the bar and get all ladies up top as well. You know get the party going. Cool. I get on the bar, get all the ladies up, and then some. We had this one chick that got on the bar, busty, big booty, and denim dress. She was twerking and shaking that ass, which had all the guys drooling. Until the dress went up too far…”

” Testicles.. they popped out to say hello.. turns out our lady friend had a little something extra. The other bartender with me was mesmerized, blinded by the booty. At the end of the bar he was chatting her up, getting the number and instagram. So excited about the “chick” he just bagged. It wasn’t just the bartender, though. All of these guys were so mesmerized over the “chick” until they saw the Adam’s apple and bulge under “her” dress. By the end of the night, the entire staff was laughing so hard it hurt. Our DJ, bouncers, bar backs, and owners all laughed their asses off, well except for my coworker who got her number. Of course I was the only female working, and thought it was the greatest night ever. Something always happened on a Sunday. Suspensions, trannies, coworkers getting their nipples pierced and awful hookups.. to name a few.”


The Black Bear Series 5/7