Loyola, Ninja, The Black Bear Series

” After a long shift on a Saturday night, a bartender had heard some stories about how I’ve kicked a cup off of a few bouncers heads in the past. Some people can’t picture someone my size move and kick that high up. Only a few people know that I used to train in mixed martial arts before it became a big thing from when I was three to when I got into high school.  Anyways the bartender, Daire, wanted to see it for himself and asked me repeatedly to kick a cup off of his head along with offering money. So, I gave in.  As always I warn everyone who I do this to that if I kick you I am sorry, but you asked for it.  Daire had complete faith in me, and didn’t even flinch. I got my money and went home.  Yes, I can kick high. Good times at Black Bear. The work was rough, but I always met great people there through my tenure. Miss that place, but only because of the people that made it fun and safe. ”

The Black Bear Series 6/7