Devlin, The Black Bear Series
“I was working on the night shift during a karaoke Tuesday. In the middle of my shift I noticed a dude running out of the bathroom gagging. I tell him to throw up in the bathroom and to beat it if he can’t drink. He just points to the bathroom and said, “Bro go to the men’s room.. check it out.”. I radio Jerry, one of the other bouncers on shift, to go in with me. I had no idea what to expect. We go into the bathroom and notice to sets of feet in the stall. Jerry kicks the door in to see some crossdresser blowing a guy. His timing was perfect as the money shot was JUST happening. Poor Jerry got the full view of everything and that image was probably one of the many things seared into his brain, as well as mine, from that place. Best part was the guy getting blown walked out of the bathroom casually like nothing had just happened leaving me and Jerry trying not to thrown up. But, this made it easy for Jerry so he didn’t need to touch either of them to get them out. Turns out the cross dresser was one of our coworkers.. who was fired soon after. That was one of the more odd/intense things I’ve seen while working.. well that and walking in on a 10 man gay love orgy. You never know what’s on the other side of the door you’re kicking in.”


The Black Bear Series. 1/7