Joe Wynne, Black Bear Series

” It was early afternoon, Christmas Eve 2008, and I was just fired from Lazy Boy.  Merry Christmas, right!? So without a job, I walked out, went next door to Black Bear where my friend was bartending. I was offered a spot at Bear by one of the managers  “Irish Pride” and was quickly told I was fired due to my love for my Red Sox, but I started that night.

As I was approximately one hour into my first shift, I met the GM. She told me, “You want to fucking work here!? You have 30 minutes to get fucked up or you’re fired!“ I passed the test, as I lasted almost nine years with the Black Bear/Thirsty Turtle family before I decided it was finally time to end the run in 2016. This is one of the quick darkside stories:

We had a kitchen employee who, well, loved his booze like we were all encouraged to love while we worked. This employee never managed to be a “end of the night functional drunk” as all of us were, and would tend to pass out in certain places. Well, one night he passed out while standing at the urinal taking a piss. We didn’t know how to act and then thought it would be hilarious to duct tape him to the urinal and partition. When he woke up, he wasn’t very happy, especially with his head being taped too, and it didn’t help that we all had our phones out taking pictures. We were laughing like a bunch of Boozebags. Well, the next day he quit for about a week, and the kitchen went on strike. So, one night,  shit was hitting the fan and we had no cooks. Myself and “Irish Pride” were just hanging out drinking and gave it a good ole “Whooooa Bundy!”, took over the kitchen, and started pumping food out of the window like absolute pros, Drunk pros!”

What happens when your coworker passes out while taking a piss? You duct tape him to the pisser!

Viva La Black Bear”

Black Bear Series 8/7