Lamacchia, Pikachu, ,The Black Bear Series

” Who remembers Pokémon go? During the hype, I made a suggestion to my managers that we should get a pikachu outfit. A week later it came in the mail…that’s when it all started.

Duffy? Or Lamacchia?

1,2,3,10 shots later I find myself surrounded by a globe of yellow with two holes in it and what feels like clown shoes on my feet! I’m looking over a crowd of people while dancing to the song SHOTS! I realize at that moment, I am in the pikachu outfit on top of the bar tight roping the edge as I was trying to get to the other side….I’ll let the video take it from here!

Bammmmm! I hit the floor face first! Everything goes black. Surprisingly, I didn’t get hurt because I was so drunk I didn’t feel shit! I jumped up and the crowd went crazy!

From that weekend on I jumped in the outfit weekend after weekend. I was jumping on mechanical bulls, getting into fights, hooking up with chicks, all while wearing it. Looking back at it now, I got away with many shenanigans in that outfit. The “Trap” really was a wild place!”

Black Bear Series 7/7